Woofstock 2014…

Woofstock is a fantastic doggie festival that takes place in Toronto every year. This was my first time attending, and it didn’t disappoint. I met lots of cute doggies, and got some fun pics (despite challenging sunny day conditions).

This is BunnyB. She was one of my favourites from my Woofstock 2014 visit. She’s a cross between a Wolfhound and an Australian Shepherd—fairly rare, I believe! She was a rescue, adopted in Montreal and is now living in Toronto. I’ve never met a dog like her before. She was gorgeous!!

Woofstock was great for meeting sets of dogs, like these three collies. They aren’t related, just part of a collie-owning group of friends.

This is Ruby. Ruby was born with a deformed jaw, and because of this her tongue always hangs out of her mouth all the time, even when she is eating (a messy affair!). According to her human, everyone always wants to take her picture… yup, me too!

One hot dog!

This shaggy dog was so cute, but a tricky photo-subject! It’s hard to find the eyes to focus on under those bangs ; ) Woofstock is also tricky for getting a dogs attention. There is so much to distract them; all the other dogs and action going on around them. I wish I’d gotten more pics of this cutie.

A cute little ball of fluff! I managed to get a shot of this dog during a brief cloudy sun-break.

I love look up shots. I was working with a 35mm f1.4 lens, perfect for capturing these types of shots.

Another look up subject. I loved the curl of this pug’s tongue. So cute.

This was a handsome boy. So cute, and I love this look up shot ; )

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